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Hedge Fund Consulting

Leveraging Scotiabank’s Experience and Reach.

Scotiabank has been offering Hedge Fund Consulting Services to industry participants since 2011. Our team is committed to staying abreast of evolving regulatory and other industry themes of interest to hedge fund firms and investors globally, providing commentaries to add value-added perspective. In addition to holding various thought leadership events, we have been producing the Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index to provide industry participants with a comprehensive overview of the Canadian hedge fund universe.

Our experienced team assists hedge fund clients in their development from start-up and pre-launch to “institutionalization” and ongoing support. Using both in-house capabilities as well as referrals to our value-added industry strategic partners, the Hedge Fund Consulting group can provide both initial as well as ongoing feedback with hedge fund managers to ensure they consider industry best practices in developing their Operations Infrastructure, Risk Management and Business Development plans.



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